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Airport Booking Season Airline From
Manchester Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

Delta Air Lines

£ 630
Manchester Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017


£ 637
Manchester Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

Air France

£ 641
Heathrow Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

British Airways

£ 681
Heathrow Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

American Airlines

£ 681
Heathrow Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017


£ 681
Heathrow Jan, 01 2017 - Mar, 24 2017

Air Canada

£ 692
Manchester Jan, 03 2017 - Mar, 29 2017

United Airlines

£ 705
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Travel Guide for Dallas, USA

Dallas, the third largest city in Texas and the center of the state's largest metropolitan area, is located in the north central portion of the state. This populous city is home to the Dallas Cowboys and you'll regularly be reminded of the city's mass enthusiasm for the team. A shopper's paradise, Dallas has more shopping centers per capita than any other city in the US.

Get in
Most people who come to Dallas are going to come by air since Dallas is home to DFW, the Dallas-Fort Worth International airport.

Coming from the south, I-45 is the major highway for travel between Houston and Dallas, while I-35 connects the city to Austin and San Antonio.If you come in on I-35 you need to keep in mind that, a few dozen miles both north and south of the "metroplex," the interstate splits into I-35W (which runs north/south through Fort Worth) and I-35E (the branch that runs north/south through Dallas). Miss the split and you'll wind up in a different city. Coming from the west, Dallas is reached by either I-20 on the south side or I-30 which comes directly into downtown. Both of these interstate highways approach Dallas from the east. I-20 comes from Shreveport, Louisiana and I-30 comes from Texarkana.

By plane
There are two major airports in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, DFW, and Love Field (DAL). Love Field is within the city limits not far northwest of downtown, but has certain ...  

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